One of the reasons ProfitLink Consulting has been so successful in the Bookkeeping industry is our ability to capture a “birds-eye view” of a business, and see how the parts integrate to make the company run efficiently as a whole.  We have extensive experience in working with, and developing software to help companies improve efficiencies.

The ProfitLink Consulting team brings the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly adapt to your business and assist you in making good technology and implementation decisions. ProfitLink Consulting prides itself on its ability to help strengthen internal client staff and allow them to be more self-sufficient.

Project Management / Business Consulting

The basic accounting functions are serviced through our Bookkeeping Service, which provides timely and accurate financials.  As business owners, many of our clients have found that interpreting the data, analyzing the financial side of business scenarios, and ultimately determining the best action plan can prove challenging. Our team of Controller / CFO Level professionals continuously help our small business clients review their financial data, and partner with them to make sound business decisions based on facts, the industry, and the environment.  

Our team will:
  • Ask the right questions
  • Learn your business & become part of your Mgmt team
  • Analyze & share meaningful financial data
  • Consider alternatives & simulate financial scenarios
  • Contribute to key business decisions
  • Plan for the future

CFO/Controller Services

While our core business begins with bookkeeping services for small to mid-sized companies, ProfitLink Consulting has a wide range of additional, specialized service offerings which provide complementary solutions that focus on simplifying processes & procedures to maximize profit.  

Additional Services:

You have accurate data….now make it work for you!

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