With a client base ranging from sole entrepreneur to companies with over 50 employees, the services our Consultants provide can vary widely depending on business needs.  Take a look at the comprehensive services we offer in both general bookkeeping and senior-level consulting.

CFO & Controller Services

Part-Time Senior Level

As business owners, our clients have found that interpreting the data, analyzing the financial side of business scenarios, and ultimately determining the best course of action can prove challenging.  Our team of Controller & CFO professionals continuously help small business clients review their financial data, and partner with them to make sound business decisions based on facts.

Bookkeeping Services

The ProfitLink Consulting team of experienced professionals enables clients to hire accounting experts to further grow their business without incurring the unnecessary overhead costs of hiring full-time employees. And, for entrepreneurial clients, this service reduces the burden on the business owner, enabling them to focus on their expertise, their business

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